Kjell Aukrust: rural Norway in a nutshell

Kjell Aukrust was a legendary artist, humourist and illustrator. He is most famous for his wacky stories from a particular part of rural Norway, full of bizarre and hilarious people, inventions and creatures. They make little sense to people from other countries, the Danes certainly do not get it at all.

I grew up with his work, and always loved the strong graphic language. I saw his ink drawings in a museum when I was a kid, and was struck by the fact that he used liberal amounts of liquid paper for corrections: the drawings are not born perfect. The artists’ privilege of changing his mind.

His stuff is virtually non-existent on the net; and it is a shame; and whoever is in charge of the Aukrust centre is mean with images sizes… if you did not know the drawings beforehand, no one would buy them via the net in this miserable shop.

He created elaborate stories, and his fictional town published a newspaper, a radio program, containing multiple voices of the weird and wonderful. Though his legacy in the form of the Aukrust centre is rather naff, as long as I stick to his drawings, he is one of the best.




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