Visual Italian Wikipedia use

I do not read Italian, but I can certainly appreciate these wonderful multivariate visualisations. Valerio Pellegrini made this gorgeous visual representation of Italian Wikipedia use for 2013.

Months are distributed clockwise with Italian initial for each month. It has three layers of information and data: the inner level; overall top edits, the second it is drilled down to the five pages with most edits, and the outer level simply the most visited.

It is colour coded by categories: cinema, politics, current events, sport, music and culture, miscellaneous, history.

To quote the data artist himself:

What emerges from the Italian version of Wikipedia is a pattern of current events, tv series, famous deaths and –believe it or not: Google Doodles topics.

la_lettura 02 02 2014

January starts at about half past twelve.

I love the fact that The great Gatsby makes the list.

Most visited sorted by category.

 Most edited.

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