Biomimicry: generative art of @inconvergent

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inconvergents plotter plotting a plot

@inconvergent is a guy who makes magical, beautiful art with algorithms, heavily influenced by nature. In my endless ignorance, I did not think those two things could combine quite like that. I have of course seen wonderful things that nature do, like the amazing life of slime moulds, the murmuration of sterlings, the underground filaments of fungi; the fractals in nature.

To wrestle from them rules and patterns seemed to me not quite doable. Nature is unpredictable, there are variables, kinks, errors, environments, weather and all sorts of influences that makes these natural systems grow and move in weird ways. And to me, that is a large part of what makes them beautiful: where the slight wobble, inconsistency is exactly what makes them perfect. You could not point to an exact spot and say “look! wobble! Deviation from the fundamental plan!”.

This is partly why I really like hand-drawn things. There are errors there, and though they are not intended, and annoying at the time, they are important. The hand-drawn will, not matter how hard you try not to, have “marks of the maker”. Digitally, it is too easy to make them perfect, and in that perfection, to me, it becomes less interesting.

@inconvergent, on the other hand, seems to manage this in computable entities. I am useless at understanding how he does it, but it does not matter: there is wobble there, and in that, it is excellent biomimicry and art. His computations grow, shift, stumble and sprout. Just like art; just like nature.

Find more on his webpage at He share some of the work at GitHub if you want to play with it yourself, and he will do commissions, plots and prints. All pics by permission.

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