Squirrely squirrels

I love squirrels. They are cute, funny, playful. They are also quite adept at solving problems and will go to great length to get to the food that is the most nutritious.

They collect food for the winter, hence the name of this blog. What I find endearing is that they collect and hide a lot more food than they eat over the winter: they forget where they put it. This results in dispersal of seeds and nuts, and trees growing in odd places. So they are a little scatterbrained, not unlike myself. And as they forget food, I forget the visuals I collect.

The images below are all my own, and taken in Washington DC. They are eastern grey squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis). I have a great fondness of the Eurasian red (Sciurus vulgaris), but they are hopelessly shy and difficult to get close to.

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