Streetart of Oslo

It is really hard to walk slowly in your own city. I happily snail around any other city, taking days going 6 blocks. But in my own town it is really hard to slow down. But you have to, if you’re going to catch the textures.

Streetart in Oslo. There are great variety, artistic skills, and laughs to be had – i guess the main variable is if it is legal or illegal: can you take your time, or do you have to be ready to run. Streetart has come a long way in Oslo, from kids being prosecuted for simply carrying a spraycan, hard “no-tolerance” (because that always work) war on .. paint. Now there is a lot of talents, a lot of spaces that are allowed. There are also “illegal” pieces and graffiti of course, but acceptance and enjoyment of it is substantial. And then the quality goes up. Next to my makerspace is an art school, so the stuff around that block changes on a weekly basis – always something new. It is a relief to watch something colourful & energetic that is there for pure enjoyment or with a message that is not trying to sell me anything. It is not advertisement. It is people getting better at something they’re passionate about. And it brightens any day.

I admire the techniques and skills in classic graffiti pieces – they have their own visual language like no other; but i prefer the ones that go outside this, and particular in use of colours (or rather, the restraint or lack of). A special place in my heart, though, is reserved for the small and the odd. Sticker-art, and like you see further down, a tiny 3D seahorse and a plastic bead Shrek. You really have to pay attention to catch these, and you have to walk really slowly. Really. Slow. ly. 🐌

classic pieces


Internet tells me this is by Ian Dent of White Hole studio, but all the references seems to be circular – because one said it, everyone else says it. Doesn’t make it true. Please confirm, Mr. Dent!




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