Mechanical owls – custom drawing

Mechanical owls: I am not the quickest with xmas presents. On the other hand, people will get a custom piece of art. I have just finished this for a friend, and his general guideline was “mechanical owls”. The rest is just me in free flight.

mechanical owls, custom drawing
mechanical owls, custom drawing

It is a large-ish drawing (21x58cm), and working my way from left to right I get a little bored of repeating branches and owls, and I need to add some different details. Preferably absurd. Not that mechanical owls is not absurd.

These drawings of mine are well suited as toilet art, and I am not the least offended if people hang them in the bog. It is a unique place where people can do their business and dream themselves into the image and create stories. Preferably not connected to the physical things going on in the bog, but who am I to tell your brain what to do with my art?

It is of course not about the realistic, but I like the juxtaposition of absolute nonsense and something fairly realistic. The butterfly, the birch tree, the frogs and some of the plants and flowers are fairly realistic. To take something like a bird house and make it absurdly ordinary and weirdly mechanical simultaneously makes me happy.

Probably the trickiest thing, in this case, was the conifer. I have never really drawn cones before, and I really had to conjure up images of birch trees in my head.

People tend to ask how long it takes to draw something like this. It is an impossible thing to answer for two reasons: One, I forget the time when I am working. It is in a sense meditation, time does not exist. Two, a lot of the time I sit at my drawing table staring out into space. My mind wanders and some conscious and unconscious level are looking for inspiration. Maybe there is a 50/50 of scribbling and letting my mind wander wildly.

Things I would have liked to incorporate in this image but did not. The reason being that I could have done it, but it would have been forced. It would not become a part of the drawing really. It would feel too constructed:

  • pacman
  • emacs/terminal screen
  • piano
  • keypad

Some of my drawings might be available as prints. You can ask, but I promise nothing.

Here are the two others.

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