Doodly deck of cards

Doodly deck of cards: Being a big fan of doodles, I got the idea some time back of making a deck of cards. The idea came when I found a few places that will print your custom deck of cards; and what is cool is that you could use it for business cards and such, and actually have 55 different ones.

So. 56 moleskine pages later I had a pile of doodles. Turns out, to pull this off you need to be a little more obsessive than I am, so the whole thing is on ice, as I am not sure what to do with it. Drawing, scanning and fiddling in photoshop, I cannot make up my mind as to what I want to do with colours. And 50-something individual cards is a big job. Here is a gallery of where it stands now, unfinished. Maybe I will never actually make a deck of cards, but it is a himalayan practice to come up with over 50 different doodles.

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