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“Design is where science and art break even”


Once in a while I come across some images that takes my breath away, and make me intensely wish that I had thought about it myself. Art can of course do magic, but the combination of information and art, I feel, somehow takes both to a higher level. Giorgia Lupi Has made these amazing charts of Nobel laureates. The adventure in discovering the content is deeply satisfying.

The information density is incredible; the chart tells the stories of the laureates:

  • in what field
  • by age
  • average change in age over time
  • graduation grades
  • sex
  • university affiliation
  • hometowns (country)
  • if the prize was given to more than one person

… and seven point on noteworthy laureates. I doff my hat to you, Giorgia Lupi.




(Images used with permission)


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