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Drawing animals


Drawing is a skill, art is a gift. I am no artist, but I draw, and the same rule for learning to play the piano applies: practice, practice, practice.  I have briefly mentioned earlier my deep belief in doodles. I will in a later post come back to my technique and how I go about drawing in general, but for now, here are some drawings of animals. I have included both those I am happy with and the ones I find a little embarrassing. Go ahead and guess :)


“Incuriosity is the oddest and most foolish failing there is”. All-round nerd with a tendency to poke things with a stick to see what happens. Doodler, artist, bookbinder, photographer, illustrator, visual; interaction & UX designer, spider in the web.

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6 comments on “Drawing animals
  1. It was a silly question. There are wild animals in those pictures. Daaa :) I don’t see any plants in this collection though. Now it is time to work on one. Join me!


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