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Adam’s book – Henrik the speedbump catches a car


Many moons ago, when a friend of mine acquired his first nephew, he wanted to give him a story. We co-wrote the story in google docs, and I was to do the illustrations. I forgot all about it, until the day before I was due to fly to the US (and the deadline for producing the book). In panic, standing at a desk with a big pile of printer paper and a marker, I drew probably 30-40 drawings. Panic. I drove an hour and a half to deliver it, sticking it in a mailbox, then driving an hour and a half back, packed for the trip, slept five hours, and flew out.

The book was made as a photo-book, in other words, it was made in something like six copies. The original title is funnier in the original language (Norwegian), so for those of you who understands it: Fartshumpen Henrik fanger en bil (en hump er ikke en dump).

A friend of my friend digitised the images, added text, and some colour. Though this is not exactly a masterpiece, I actually do like the simplicity and wobbliness of the drawings. It might also show that not all my drawings are insanely detailed and meticulous. 




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