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Paper and math: the 3D world


Math can be beautiful. The artist and professor George Heart Makes amazing sculptures, and he generously shares some of the templates so that the less talented of us can reproduce them. Here, I have made a model of his Frabjous in corrugated cardboard:



I am a little partial to the dodocahedron, the 12-faced Platonic solid. The fifth element, the sphere of the cosmos. Drawing overlapping patterns on them are a massive challenge in itself. Sometimes I hide treasures inside, never meant to be opened.



The site Mathcraft have a lot of visual examples on what you can do with mathematics and paper or other ordinary implements. And here you will find patterns for a wild multitude of paper models.



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3 comments on “Paper and math: the 3D world
  1. these are absolutely divine! My daughter has been making shapes similar to these, but just out of coloured paper. I LOVE the artwork! Thanks for sharing.


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