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Scientific illustrations by Carim Nahaboo

Scientific illustrations by Carim Nahaboo

Scientific illustrations by Carim Nahaboo

Scientific illustrations by Carim Nahaboo

Carim Nahaboo is a London based illustrator specialising in accurate depictions of natural history subjects as well as more imaginative, conceptual themes.

So says his bio on his webpage, and who am I to argue? I am in awe of his work; this is old-school scientific illustration: art, design and science. Feast your eyes and tell me that we should not keep the deep understanding and ability to inquire that is the essence of scientific illustration and curiosity. And recognise that it takes time. Hours, weeks, years. Scientific illustration is a skill that should not be lost; it is a philosophy, an art, a craft; it is part of history, and it it – contrary to many beliefs – absolutely needed for the future.

Go to his Etsy, buy his stuff and share the love of invertebrates!

You can find him on Twitter or Facebook. All pics by permission.


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